PerviSight (to be released soon), our Business Intelligence solution for Oracle E-Business Suite features self-service analytics that lets you slice, dice and drill into your data at the speed of thought, self-service operational reporting to look into transaction details and interactive visualizations to gain speedy insight into your organization. An intuitive solution that is easy to get results from without having to learn the technicalities of Oracle EBS.


Some of the key features of PerviSight are:

icon_1 Interactive visualizations, which are a step beyond the display of static graphs and spreadsheets provide instant insight into the business with the flexibility of visualizing the data from various other angles. A screen built to evaluate Product performance can be changed to evaluate Salesrep performance with a single click. Apart from providing answers immediately, it reduces investment into the solution and increases efficiency, productivity and ROI. The combination of data and graphics in Dashboards shows trends, highs and lows into the business from multiple dimensions and gives an easy and speedy insight into the business.
icon_1 Interactive analytics go a step beyond pre-built Dashboards and lets you slice, dice, and drill into all of the data. While Dashboards allow to visualize the data for what it was made for, self-service analytics lets you create your own visualizations and drill down on any data set to find out the cause of the problem or to get the details of what makes up the numbers. Different dimensions can be combined with each other to increase the combination of drill downs. The data is stored in a multi-dimensional format to allow the users to analyze the data visually with charts and graphs and drill down to the lowest level of detail at the speed synchronized with their minds. It also allows creating simple to complex reports and high quality executive dashboards.

icon_1 The operational side of the solution allows making summarized and detailed reports easily by dragging the fields into either web based Cognos interface or EXCEL. It allows to dig into transactions to find the details, whether to track the status of a particular PO or to find out why a Sales Order was not shipped. Managers can get summarized information and measure KPIs by different dimensions or time periods. The engine provides the ability to put multiple KPIs on the same screen as the relationships have been well defined. Online help is available to improve reporting experience.

icon_1 PerviSight allows users to get either complete data or limited data from the same report depending on the level of access permitted for the user. In addition to the data level security, it allows group level and object level security. The security features can be combined with each other to achieve an environment where less reports are required to provide more results thereby reducing maintenance and increasing efficiency and productivity.

icon_1 PerviSight has distribution features to allow sending reports and dashboards electronically via e-mail without having the users to go into the reporting portal. The distribution feature also allows to distribute different data sets to different users depending on their level of access all from within the same report.