PerviSight (to be released soon), our Business Intelligence solution for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) features self-service analytics, self-service reporting and interactive visualizations to provide instant insights into your business. An intuitive solution which is built especially for non-technical business users to provide results easily and speedily without having to learn the technicalities of Oracle EBS.

Interactive Visualizations

Understand the forces that affect your business with our interactive visualizations which offers new approaches to dramatically improve the ability to grasp information hiding in the data to help identify the driving points as well as the problem areas in business. The visualization screens are built with the flexibility of using the same visualization for multiple purposes which makes it cost effective and increases the ROI. A screen built to evaluate Product performance can be changed to evaluate Salesman performance with a single click.

Self-service Analytics

Get insights into your business using self-service analytics which lets you slice, dice, and drill into your data to dig into into your business activities. Create your own analytics and visualizations with simple drag and drop technique to get answers to your questions.

Self-service Reporting

Make simple to complex reports, either summarized or detailed, easily by dragging the fields into either web based interface or EXCEL. Get the total sales or dig into the transactions to find out when an item on a Purchase Order is supposed to arrive.

Security and Distribution

Versatile security features protect the information and allow the same content to behave differently for different users curtailing the need for additional content and improving manageability and productivity. The content can also be distributed electronically to users without going to the portal.